I would like to introduce myself. I am an integrative therapist and hypnotherapist myself. I met Barbara randomly and I was inspired by her passion, energy and her ideas. As therapist I meet many people but only a few a remember. Barbara (known to me as Basia) is one of them. Her ideas are unique and techniques she is using are very different to any other therapist I have met, so I wanted to try. Basia performed on me Akashic Records reading and Reiki. I felt so in peace with myself and I have gained not just different knowledge and technique but session with her made me feel so inspired as therapist and as client.
I had 2 sessions with her as I experienced some health issue, however after session with Basia my health problem rapidly improved as it seems like it had something to do with my psychological blockage I assumed myself.
I would highly recommend Basia, as it is privilege to be in her therapy session. I am very grateful that I had a chance to experience Akashic record Reading especially. She is a great therapist and great human with unique style.
Andrea Janska

Andrea Janska

I have had with Basia 3 Reiki sessions already. The whole process felt like I have released suppressed emotions, cleanse my mind and body literally. The last session with Basia, felt almost like a completion process for me. I have closed my old cycle. I have left behind my old self beliefs that didn’t serve me anymore. It was incredible experience that I can’t expressed fully in words. After those sessions my dietary habits started changing I finally started eating healthier, didn’t feel like to smoke cigarettes anymore. My mind, body and emotional body was so cleansed that I didn’t feel even attracted to those unhealthy habits I had before. I know it will take a lot now my own work and determination to continue this, but I am very positive about that I can do this! I would highly recommend Basia to work with her. Thank you!

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