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Akashic Records


Open your mind and heart for your Divinity

 What Akashic Records are?

The Akashic Records, also known as “The Book of Life” or “God’s Book of Remembrance,” can be equated to the universe’s super-computer system or perhaps what today would be called cloud computing. They are the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. These records contain our every thought, deed, word, feeling, and intent. They have a tremendous influence on our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings, our belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us. The Akashic Records are basically a record of what will happen, is happening, or has happened. Because they are a higher dimension, the rules of time don’t really apply.

How this reading can help you?

An Akashic record reading helps to find the root cause of problems and helps you to see situations from a higher soul perspective, and a different point of view. You’ll be able to learn how and why you attracted the problem you currently face, whatever it is – causing you pain and holding you back from your true potential. You can ask about anything you want: about your repeating destructive patterns, relationships, finances, health issues that you just can’t solve. All these types of situations can be helped and eased with Akashic Records reading. You’ll get the advice you need to understand, resolve and heal the problem. There is no magic, no showmanship, no judgement, just solid advice from your Akashic record team from a perspective of love – they are not psychic or clairvoyant readings, they are more like a spiritual coaching session.

Know the truth and possibilities you can have in your life.

I would like to introduce myself. I am an integrative therapist and hypnotherapist myself. I met Barbara randomly and I was inspired by her passion, energy and her ideas. As therapist I meet many people but only a few a remember. Barbara (known to me as Basia) is one of them. Her ideas are unique and techniques she is using are very different to any other therapist I have met, so I wanted to try. Basia performed on me Akashic Records reading and Reiki. I felt so in peace with myself and I have gained not just different knowledge and technique but session with her made me feel so inspired as therapist and as client.
I had 2 sessions with her as I experienced some health issue, however after session with Basia my health problem rapidly improved as it seems like it had something to do with my psychological blockage I assumed myself.
I would highly recommend Basia, as it is privilege to be in her therapy session. I am very grateful that I had a chance to experience Akashic record Reading especially. She is a great therapist and great human with unique style.

Andrea Janska, Psychotherapist
I have always been interested in connecting with the spirit world. I have done many readings before where I have been told what will I do and what will I achieve.
Having Akashic reading with Barbara has been the most knowledgeable and connected reading I have ever had. It’s more than just telling you what you will achieve and what your end goal it. It’s more about how to get you there and any questions that haven’t been answered yet.
Barbara is so calm and such a beautiful soul to connect with! I feel so much happier and enlightened after having reading with her. I would highly recommend her! Thank you!
Meera, Make up Artist
I had with Basia two Akashic readings already and each time the reading was very accurate with my situation. Basia she really helped me and her readings made me wanting to work on myself and willing to change something in my life. I highly recommend Basia services to whoever feels like need guidance, support or got bit lost in their lives. Thank you for your help Basia.
Anna, Dietician

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