Project Description

Short Term Counselling

Short-term counselling is helping people with issues like stress and anxiety problems, low moods, problems at work or college, family issues, relationship problems, self-confidence issues and those going through difficult transitions.

I will offer a friendly, empathetic listening ear that will be non-judgemental and confidential. We will work collaboratively to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a safe, private and tranquil space.
Life can be a struggle at times but my role as your counsellor is to guide and support you to develop your understanding and discover your choices. When we untangle those struggles, you will then go on to live a life where you can mindfully process a situation and learn to cope with it better.

This is a donation-based service, as I am still in training. At the moment I am completing my last year of Advance Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling.